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Film, Commercial, Songwriting & Producing
Paul Handley's career in music began with a Scholarship to the Royal College Of Music, London age 13, where he attended to study Piano and Trombone.
Upon leaving college, Paul became a musical arranger, freelance trombonist and keyboard player. He also became keyboard player for the rock band-LIAR, where he toured and supported with many A-list bands for 3 years.
As a producer and recording musician, Paul has worked with many top names from the industry over the years, and is also highly versatile in terms of multi-genres of music. 
As his musical interests are eclectic, ranging from classical to jazz to pop to rock
- this has led him to be involved in varied projects.
Paul is competent to add the professional sparkle to any project, band or musical encounter and is currently happily working from his own studio in London.

He is currently working as a professional composer, arranger and fixer for Film, TV, documentary projects as well as songwriting for artists and related projects.

Recent projects include music score arranging  recording, writing for the feature film, Provenance and documentary, Driving Force.

In 2023, Paul Handley signed to Wardlaw Music Publishing company in London, UK.

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Film (Provenance) - Review by IMDB 

"The music soundtrack dominated by piano/violin melodies acts almost as another character in the movie with it's vibrant, violently passionate tones,

then sudden juxtaposition to lilting melodic whispers, complementing and interconnecting with John's (Christian McKay) emotions.

Music connects the main characters in a web of joy teetering on destruction."

Film (Provenance) - Review by Filmmakers

"The origin story of the film's original song, Come Back and Love Me Tomorrow, is another example of one of those fabulous moments of serendipity that the production of Provenance seems to have been blessed with."



Producing - Review by Sharon Selman

"Paul has a great in depth knowledge of being an executive producer.

Extremely motivated ,coupled with a solid foundation in business and great creative flair and insight ,and inspiration to myself and all aspiring artists.


He is approachable ,punctual and a great person to work with. 

Looking forward to completing the first album under his expert guidance."

Musician - Review by B. Polycarpou 2017

"Paul Handley and his musicians played for my daughters wedding at The London Hotel, and also played for the dance after we realised the DJ we had booked for the evening wedding Was not adequate for our dancing.


He quickly arranged the band to take care of the whole evening and is one of the most talented musicians we have ever seen! Paul can play many genres, he made my daughter’s wedding at The London Hotel, Holborn, London."

Best Film

Madrid International

Festival Award



Supporting Actor

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Supporting Actor

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