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In the last few years, Paul has become a composer, arranger and fixer for film.

He did afterall  leave the RCM capable of scoring for up to an 80-piece orchestra.

His song-writing enables a multi-genre approach to film, always preferring natural, organic instrumental music creation.

This had led him to write for Feature Films such as Provenance (see below)


The film was shot in Provence Verte, in and around the beautiful chateau village of Entrecasteaux, where Paul also has a small house to escape to between projects. 

There are also sequences filmed in London and Sevenoaks, Kent.

Paul became music advisor and composer for the film, and arranged the re-recordings of the ‘live’ music performance elements within the film, specially arranging and recording the background classical excerpts used at key points within the film.

There was no score as such, and by design, Paul wanted to instead permit the audience to experience and be enveloped with the sounds and the vibe of beautiful Provence.


The sound recordings used in the film were directed and recorded by Paul in his new North London studio in his music studios at Renaissance, Bowes Park, London.


His song ‘Come back and love me tomorrow’ features as part of the underlying plot in the film and also on the out-playing credits.



The song was recorded at MAP studios, Kentish Town, London and Renaissance studios.

It features Maia on vocals, Ray ‘Lord bass’ Wright on bass, Iain Mcfarlane on Drums/Percussion, Sam Ritchie on Trumpet and Michael Powell-Tenor Sax.


"Come Back and Love Me Tomorrow" now on Spotify & iTunes 



"John Finch (Christian Mackay) has escaped from the limelight of being an internationally acclaimed concert pianist, and fled to his holiday home in Provence to start a new way of life.

Whilst awaiting the arrival of his young lover-Sophia (Charlotte Vega) to join him, a seemingly chance encounter with a young man called Peter (Harry Macqueen) will threaten to destroy everything."

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