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Desert in Dark


Paul began working on documentary music some years ago, and early projects even included a series of fly fishing DVD'S.

His most recent work for Documentaries include Driving Force (see below)




Driving Force (2019)

"After suffering a spinal stroke in 2015 and told she would never walk again, Riona Kelly talks about her struggle to defy the doctors with the help of her new partner, ex-rugby league player Keith Mason."

The short film was produced by Darren Brade and Wesley Mahoney, two London based filmmakers.


Paul Handley was approached and asked to create the soundtrack which can be heard all throughout the full length documentary (see above to watch).

Listen below to Heavens Can Wait by Paul Handley

& find Paul Handley on IMDB

Paul is thrilled to hear the news of Driving force receiving an award at the British Film Festival 2020 for Best Documentary.

Thank you, your amazing musical talents on our short documentary, “Driving Force”, helped us win “Best Documentary” at the International British Film Festival 2020!


Darren Brade 


Peripheral Vision Films

Heavens Can Wait - Driving Force
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